Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hidest Thou Me

Hidest thou me in the refuge of You
Hidest thou me in the storm see me thru
Hidest thou me where my soul can find rest
Hidest thou me in Your comfort I am blest

While sitting and reading tonight I am reminded that I am lost without Jesus.  Oh how I need Him more and more!  Lately I find myself asking Him to just be with help me in all I do.  Many times I wake up with the simple thought of...Jesus...I need You.  It's not a plea...a bargaining chip...or even a sign of weakness.  No...I just realize that to get through my moments in day...I just really need Jesus to be with me always.  I believe He gave me the words to that poem to remind me  that when no one else is here He still is.  And that through it all...I am always and forever hidden in Him.  He won't leave.

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