Saturday, April 15, 2017

Because of Jesus

Easter...such an amazing day!

But before that day...

Jesus was betrayed...beaten beyond recognition...made to walk through an immense crowd carrying His own cross...spat upon...mocked...had a crown of thorns placed on His head and then shoved down into it...hung on the cross with nails (spikes) driven through His feet and wrists...suffered agonies we can't even imagine...all for me...and all for you. 

It isn't just a story or a fairy tale that scribes penned down from their is real life and Jesus lived it for us. I'm not going to relate to you everything that happened because you can surely read it for yourself...and you should.  But I do want to tell you something that I have found out for myself about that cross...His cross...the one Jesus bled and died on so that we could live fully and forever. 

As Christians we can go to the Lord in prayer asking forgiveness for our sins...anytime...and we can leave our burdens there. A burden is something we carry that is heavy on our can weigh us down so deeply that we can't even breathe at times.  I know from experience that getting to the cross at times is hard!  We are human...flesh and blood...and the surrendering of oneself can be a process you have to learn...and you must!  You need to completely abandon yourself at the cross.  Place all your hurts...needs...wants...everything...leave them all at the foot of the cross and walk away.  Then ask Jesus to come in and do the work inside of you that needs done...change you from the inside out! hard...but so amazingly worth the pain.  Because the pain turns into knowing that you will be okay. 

Because of JESUS...all because of HIM!

So on this Easter weekend pick up your  Start with the betrayal and read through to the resurrection. Jesus rose from death and came out of that tomb and lives today! You can live today as's up to you.

Luke 22 through 24
An excellent read!

"until we see JESUS...face to face"

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Box End Wrench's a hard fact.  When someone you love has it...well just plainly sucks. 
For a long time I have known the day would come when he didn't know me any longer.  Yes...many times he says he does but really all he knows is my voice...not me. 

About two weeks ago it all started changing quickly.  We were talking and I asked..."Do you know who I am?"  "'re Chelle."  "But who am I to you?"  "I don't know."  Then before hanging up the phone, no matter how many times I said, "I love you"...he would not say it back.  First time ever....hard...

From the time I was very small he took me everywhere he went.  We worked on his logging truck when it broke down.  He would be under it and would ask me for a certain tool..."Hand me a 1/4inch box end wrench" he would say.  And I did.  I knew what everything in his toolboxes were.  I loved him so much...because he loved me so much...I wanted to know everything he knew and spend all the time I could with him.  We went to the parts stores...tire shops...picked up the logs at the landing in the woods...took them to the mills.  He also taught me how to fish...for bass mainly...and I loved it...and too hunt. 

These were the best times of my life.  When I wasn't in school I hung out with him as much as possible.  Hunting weekends...time spent having donuts and coffee...lunch on a boat and coffee...lunch on a hillside and coffee...playing spades all night and coffee...watching tv all night and coffee.  Yes...this is where my love for coffee all started...with my Dad.  Yet now...he couldn't care less about coffee. 

So tonight I'm having a bit of a hard time wrapping my mind around it all.  Though you know the day is coming when your heart will want to fall out of your chest because he doesn't know really don't know what it will be like.  Well...It's something you keep experiencing again and again. 

Oh...what I wouldn't give for a box end wrench...a donut...and a cup of coffee...

What I know for now is...

What is broken here on earth will one day be restored in heaven.  We all will be made whole...mind body and soul. For now...while we are still on this earth in our broken bodies...the best thing we can do is run to Jesus with all of this.  He alone can help us through the hard times of life.  Right now I can't even think of any scriptures to add...but the Lord knows my heart.

"until we see JESUS...face to face"