Monday, April 25, 2016

Crushed Souls/Broken Hearts

Lord tonight I come to You yet again bowed low.  So many need Your healing touch to reach clear to their souls.  It seems that the winds of the storm are huge for some and some are even right in the eye of that storm.  Lord tonight I just have to believe that You are in the eye of it with us and that you know that some have souls that feel crushed and have hearts that  have been broken.  Oh Father God I just have to believe...with all that I have left in me...that You are going to bring us out of this storm...this desert...this valley...and help us to stand again.  Help us to breathe in Your grace...Your mercy...Your calming that we can once again begin to live the life that You have planned for us.  You have done so much for me Lord and I won't believe that You would leave us in this place.  I know that You Lord can heal crushed souls and broken hearts...I give mine to You Lord and I pray that others I know will turn to You as well.  Thank You Lord for all You have given us...

In Jesus Jesus mighty name...Amen

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