Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Am Second....Live That Way

The paperback version of I Am Second hits the stores Sunday October 6th.  It has been updated with more stories from people who have decided that the best way to truly live is second....God first.

It is so exciting to read about the lives of those who have made the choice to live second.  In each story that I read I am reminded that it doesn't matter what walk of life we come from we all experience pain.  Some pain we cause ourselves and some pain others have caused for us.  But, whatever circumstances brought us into our pain the only way to truly live is by declaring I Am deciding to put ourselves second after God and accepting the new life that Jesus offers.

As you read the stories of peoples lives forever changed....because they have chosen to live second....
you will be blessed.  You will shed tears as you realize that a part of the stories could be you talking about your life before you found Jesus as your Savior. 

Michelle Aguilar talks of how she would always put a smile on her face to hide the way she felt.  But behind her smile "was a wounded soul".  How many of us can relate to that?  Then one night she gave up control....she turned it all over to God and said....

"God I'm yours.  I put my trust in you.   I'll do whatever You want me to do.  My last defense is gone.  I need You."

Get the book. 

Read the book.

Find out how Michelle's life changed once she truly decided to live with the I Am Second to God approach to life.

I Am that way.  Your life will never be the same!

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