Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bring All Your Needs To The Alter

a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems.

Have you ever just been frustrated with a situation?  Of course you have, we all have. do you handle it?  Do you continue to let something bother you to the point of no return?  By that I mean, do you just sit back and complain about the issue....getting more and more anxious....until every time you are exposed to the problem all you want to do is give up on it....and eventually you do?  Or do you do what you know you should....pray about it until you get an answer?  Until you actually know that God is in control of the situation and He will do what needs to be done....with or without you.  Do you lay it all down at His feet....every time you think about it or are in the situation?  Do you pray and ask for His guidance to let you know what you should do....even if you don't like it?  You know....totally turn it all over to Him....leave it there....and rest in the fact that you know He's got it and will take care of the situation.  That can be hard to do and at times we aren't sure we even know how to do that....

That's me today.  It's not that I don't want to turn it all over to Him....I do.  But....learning how to do that is hard.  I really don't like all the frustration and anxiety that goes with some issues of life....things we can't control.  And therein lies the problem.  Things we can't control!  We have to remember that God is ultimately in control of all situations in our lives. We need to learn how to give them up!

I heard an old Dottie Rambo song that works for these types of situations....

Bring All Your Needs To The Alter

Walk boldly to stand in His presence
Lay claim to the promise He made
Your soul can be cleansed
Beneath the flow of His fountain
His blood washes guilt all away

Just bring all your needs to the alter
Bring all your needs to the Lord
He is so willing and able to help you
Bring all your needs to the Lord

He watches the fall of the sparrow
Concerned with the lilies so fair
How much more He cares
For the sheep of His pasture
So bring Him the burdens you bear

Bring all your needs to the alter
Bring all your needs to the Lord
He is so willing and able to help you
Bring all your needs to the Lord
Bring all your needs to the Lord 

Philippians 4:6
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God;

until we see Jesus....face to face


  1. Hi Chelle,
    I love the line 'Lay claim to the promise He made', and say 'Amen' to what you have said.
    God bless

  2. Thank you for this today Chelle.
    The words of that song are so beautiful and very true!
    Blessings and love to you, dear sister. (You are always in my prayers...sorry I haven't been online much lately)

  3. Hi Chelle! Oh my goodness, this is amazing. My blogpost today is on 'whining'. And you ask about complaining yourself.
    This must be something we are both struggling with, or think is important. I love it when God does this!

    He does want to hear all our needs. Alleluia!

  4. Hi Chelle,
    How true!! I want to share an answer to prayer with you. It is really cool how Father works and sometimes the answers can be a shock. :)
    About 6 weeks ago 2 of my horses went missing. I prayed and asked Father to lead me to them and then we looked everywhere we could think of but there was no sign of them, so we decided to go 15 km away from our place, hike up into the mountains and check out the wild horses. Lo and behold there were 2 horses that looked exactly like the 2 that were missing but they were to far away and it was getting dark pretty quick. The next opportunity that we had to go into the mountains was 2 weeks later and then only one of our horses was seen. This time we were prepared with a bucket of grain and a couple of halters and shanks to lead them on the long trek home. Unfortunately the lead mare wouldn't let the heard near us even though we tempted them with the grain. They just took off and we followed. Four 3 hrs my son and I walked through the mountain chasing the horses while my husband tried to help with the truck. Finally we decided to give up and wait until the snow level drove the horses down towards the road in search of food. My heart was saddened that we had to go home without the horses and it bothered me greatly that we couldn't see the other horse who was missing. I was so frustrated trying to figure out how we were ever going to get these horses home, so I prayed and asked Father to please just bring the horses to our fence line so all we have to do is open the gate and they would be home. It was a real out there kind of prayer that I never expected to be answered. This past Monday, my son decided to trek up our mountain to see where the hole in the fence was so he could fix it. When he got to the top of our property line he noticed on the other side of the fence, right beside the gate, was something white in the bushes. He thought it was a deer and easily lost track of what he was doing to go after the deer. The 'deer' moved and he saw that no, it was a deer but one of the missing horses!! And, not far away was the other missing horse. He called out to them and they happily ran over to him and he let them in through the gate. :)

    I never thought Father would answer my prayer fully in the way He did. It was about 6 weeks from when they went missing that we started praying and it was about 4 weeks from when I asked Father to just bring the horses to the gate. I have no idea where they were or if even the horses I saw in the wild herd were my two but I do know that Father answered by prayer word for word and I think that is just super cool!

    Give all to Him in prayer, He will answer according to His perfect will.


  5. Hi Chelle - there's one situation that I cannot control - and I have given it over to Him. I'm trying to train myself to always give it to him instead of taking it back through obsessive thinking - it's hard when it's a situation that hurts your heart:)

  6. Hi Chelle, I felt the same the other day, totally frustrated with a situation I could do nothing about and frustrated because I did not know how to proceed to do things God's way. Eventually, I sat down and said to the Lord, "I have no idea how to go about doing things Your way, I dont know where to find Your answers, but i do know that Your word is alive and I will begin there, just reading it, knowing in faith that it will change me, lead me and guide me." His word kind of centres me, calms me, and I can carry on.
    God bless Chelle