Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Best Remedy

I'm not quite sure how to get my thought across today....the right word to use that describes me and how I myself.  Not that it really matters much....normally....but for this post maybe it does.  So....the first word that came to mind was pensive....which led me to contemplative....and then on to introspective.  All good words but I believe introspective fits best this morning.  Actually....they are all quite tied together if you really look at them and what they mean....and I did.  I guess maybe that's the contemplative part of me....prone to sitting alone thinking up thoughts!  Is that can be both!  Which leads me to....introspective....the process of looking into oneself.  Also good and bad. So here we go....

Many times I question my walk with the Lord.  I sit and I really where I need to be?  The answer is usually a resounding....NO!  Oh....I have so far to go....will I never get it right?  But then....upon further examination....I realize that I am so much different than I used to be....because the Lord has changed me so much....that I just might "make it" after all.  Then I get seriously thoughtful again....pensive....and realize that yes....I will be okay....I will "make it".  I have been forgiven....I have been granted grace....and I do have the "faith to believe"....most of the time....that Jesus is walking with me....beside me and holding my hand....every step of my journey here on earth.  Which brings me to yesterday....

I went to the hospital for a test.  Not a big deal....for most....just taking some pictures.  For me though.... I have found that I am not fond of being shoved into a small....confined....tight little tunnel of constricted air!  The one redeeming factor....people were praying for me which helped me to have faith to believe that I would be okay.  And....I was going to have a little pill.  After I took the pill my thoughts how good is your faith really?!  You did just take the drugs you know!  Yep....there he was....that deceptive little devil....trying to rattle my cage!  But I kept moving on....talking with the Lord....believing that indeed....He....The LORD....was right there with me....and He was.  So while I was laying there waiting my turn they gave me some magazines to pass the time.  One of them was called "Real Simple".  A lot of little tidbits of info designed to make "life simpler".  So okay....I picked it up and started to thumb through.  About thirty pages in I stopped and read a bolded title....

What is the best remedy for a broken heart?

Immediately....even in my drug infused mind....JESUS was my thought.  I didn't even bother to read what the magazine said because what could it matter?  I knew the answer....JESUS.  There is no other answer that fits!  Then the next bolded item said....

What book taught you an important lesson about love? 

Again without hesitation....the Bible.  There could be no other answer for either of these questions!  And that's when it hit me. truly have changed.  If you were still whom you used to be JESUS and the Bible would never have been your first thought....especially after having had that drug. 

My own bolded title....

Who is the best remedy for all my brokenness?

Now....I know....that this seems like a silly thing to most. But for me....this was huge!  I believe this magazine was given to me for a I would see those questions and respond with those answers.  God was letting me know that I do believe....beyond a doubt....and that I do have faith.  I know that Jesus is the healer of broken hearts....spiritually and physically....and that throughout this matter what happens....Gods got it....Hes got me.  And the love thing....well lets just say that my heart has truly been changed.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

2 Thessalonians 3:5
May the Lord bring you into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God and of the patience that comes from Christ.

"until we see JESUS....face to face"


  1. Yes Jesus is truly the best One to trust in all situations.

  2. Hi Chelle,
    I'm glad you made it through these tests and you knew Jesus was with you. :)

    Blessings hon,

  3. Goodmorning Chelle,
    I recognize your fear. I occasionally use medication and God bless the little soothing medicine. God knows our tense nerves. I enjoyed your story and smiled. It is beautiful and realistic. Without Jesus, without His Word we were poor women. Now we are poor too :-) but rich into and through Him. We are blessed with such a Saviour and Helper. Let's praise Him for His presence and grace