Tuesday, August 5, 2014

He Is My Shepherd

Getting ready for work this morning it became quite clear to me what I need.  Psalms 23 has long been  a favorite of mine.  I remember as a child learning this when a children's evangelist would come to our church each year for a week.  I learned this passage because I wanted to win a prize but the pictures he presented along with it always drew me in....I just didn't know whom I was being drawn too.  This morning I have a whole new take on it....

Yes....I know the Lord is my Shepherd....but I have a hard time letting Him always lead.  But what I want....I want Him to lead me into those green meadows and walk with me beside those peaceful streams.  I need to willingly let go of everything and just go there!  When I do that I know that He is more than capable of renewing my daily strength and my strength in Him.  Strength to meet Him in those dark places that I can't seem to leave behind.  I want to walk all the paths of my life with Him and I want to only bring honor to the Lord....not shame.  I have we all have....through many dark places in my life....most of them were of my own making.  Yet I am trying so hard to not be afraid when in my mind I remember....trying to let go....why is it so hard....for all of us....for do that at times.  Knowing that He is there to protect and comfort me....knowing that all I want is more and more of Jesus!  The Lord has prepared so much for me and is still.  I am well taken care of and yes I have many blessings.  He has always loved me with unfailing....unending love....that I can't even come close to comprehending.  He has pursued me all of my life and all I ever did was run....and fail miserably.  But I have a goal and that is....too live with our unending love!

Read Psalms is wonderful and freeing....if you will let it be....

"until we see JESUS....face to face"


  1. Psalm 23 is one of my very favorites too...Like you I often resist His leading.
    Love you, my friend~ Lisa

  2. Hi Chelle, what a lovely blog you have. I love words written from the heart... I can identify with the writer. Psalm 23 is a psalm I run to for comfort, and it always has something to say to me. The Bible is alive, truly living word, living bread.