Friday, May 2, 2014

Psalm 27:14

Psalm 27:14

Wait on the Lord;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen thine heart;
Wait, I say, on the Lord!

This is a great scripture! 

I was in the middle of a battle with satan for about a week.  Too explain the onset of this battle here it is in a nutshell....

If you remember I had back surgery a year ago and I have had A-Fib and PVC's in my heart for a long....long....time....years....and it's been getting increasingly worse.  For the last 3 months....maybe least 40 % of my day was spent with my heart....and body....going crazy with these things and all the symptoms it produces.  Sometimes it would last for hours.  I was most always sick from this.  Besides all of that my back was so bad I was in almost constant pain.  So much that I haven't slept in a bed for a year....since the surgery.  Well....on April 2nd I went to a healing service and was prayed for.  When the minister started to pray for me I was immediately slain in the spirit....he didn't even touch me.  When I went down I felt my back start popping from my neck....all the way down my spine....clear to the bottom....literally! Lol  When I got off the floor I walked back to my seat with no pain.  The longer I sat there I realized that my body was not heart was not quivering as it does.  My back was amazingly better. Not 100% yet but probably 75% better than it had been.  Part of that is I need to exercise now and get the muscles working again and I need to lose weight.  God isn't going to melt the fat off....Pretty Sure of that!  But....I went home and slept in my bed for the first time in a year!  My back has been getting increasingly stronger all the time and I have been feeling better and better!  That is what started the battle....

A week ago my heart started mildly having the same things happen again.  Each day it got worse until I was starting to get literally sick again. have to know what all of this was causing....fear and doubt in a major way.  I was sure my heart  hadn't really been healed.  I finally told someone this on April 30th and the next day they e-mailed me.  She said a prayer and sent this scripture that was on their calendar for May 1st;

Wait on the Lord....and He shall strengthen thine heart.

Amazing isn't it?!  I just assumed God had not really healed me but my friend let me know it was just an attack from satan.  I believe this now.  I had been telling everyone....from day one....what the Lord had done for me.  Many of the people I told are not Christians.  All I could think....every time my heart would go crazy was....what will I tell them now when they ask how I am?  What if I end up in the hospital again....what will I say?  I didn't care that they would think I was crazy but I cared that they would never believe in Christ....give their life to Him....because of me.  What better reason does satan have to attack than to destroy a testimony of what God does!  He knows that will make non-Christians not believe.  But you know what....

My friend said that prayer for me....and claimed the verse for an e-mail she sent me.  And I know she said other prayers for me as well.  Another person also prayed for me yesterday.  Last night and today I have been "heart problem" free!  Praise the LORD!!  It's not me and it's not the ones who pray for me....It's The ONE that holds all of our life's in HIS hands.  The SAVIOR of our souls and the HEALER of our hearts....minds....and bodies.  His name is JESUS!  Because of HIM and HIS amazing grace and mercy....I am being changed and healed everyday! 

"until we see JESUS....face to face"

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  1. My dear friend, I have been praying for you every single night before I go to bed.
    I was so blessed when you told me of your healing, and I know that God is not finished with you yet! You have been able to speak with more boldness to people who you might not otherwise have spoken to about the Lord...I am the same way since going through this illness...God has placed me in places with people I would have never met before...and He is the main topic of discussion lately!
    Even the one's who don't join in on the conversations...they are listening, and the seeds are planted...It is up to each individual what they do with those seeds of faith, some have good soil, and some don't.
    I have been proclaiming my own healing since the beginning, but the enemy does try to make me doubt some days...It is hard sometimes to shut his voice out...but we must cling to the promises of God even more at those times.
    Remember...the enemy might have a plan to kill steal and destroy...but Jesus came to destroy the enemies plans!
    Love and ((hugs))~ Lisa