Saturday, May 3, 2014

O' Lord

O' Lord today we long for Your strong yet gentle touch
The touch that only You Lord can provide
Way down deep Lord in our souls to the core of our very being
We long to feel Your guidance in us in all that we say and do

O' Lord today we need You to step into our life and touch us once again
To remind us dear Lord of all that You have done for us
So we remember Lord all You have brought us through
Help us to feel Your hand strongly on us today

O' Lord we need Your touch Your strong yet gentle touch
To lead us Lord to keep us true to only You
Teach us Your ways dear Lord that faith may grow in us
Help us to know Your voice and always answer when You call

O' Lord we thank You now for all You've done for us
We praise You Lord and worship at Your feet
You Lord are the Holy One our King of Majesty
We lift our hands to You and raise our voices strong
To You Lord our soon and coming King

"until we see Jesus....face to face"

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