Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There's Still A Dance

The days of life
they come and go
Then it's years
before you know
What once was here
has come and gone
They drift away
with the morning dawn

Then in the mist
you see a glow
A glimmer bright
down deep below
Remembrance comes
of something past
Of love held deep
a great romance

It once was near
yes oh so clear
Their memories grand
all held dear
And then they're gone
adrift in the haze
In a moments charm
a twinkled gaze

The days of life
they're fading fast
And yet we know
there's still a dance
Running deep
within their soul
Where the Fathers love
is in control


  1. Wonderful poem. Have a blessed day.

  2. Beautiful Chelle! I was down by the lake Saturday evening and saw a 9 month pregnant woman - it made me wistful, remembering how it felt at the beginning of this love journey - with my husband and each baby that came. The dance is still rich - and He knows all the steps - so I can't stay wistful, too long!