Monday, January 13, 2014


O Lord we call on You right now Jesus
Bring the healing in Your wings
There is no other like You
Cover us afresh in Your love
Let Your healing oil flow over us right now Lord
Bring Your peace
Rain Your peace down all over us tonight Lord
We call on Your name Jesus to comfort us
We call on Your name Lord Jesus to heal us
You are the Healer
You are mighty and You are powerful
You Lord Jesus are all we have
You are the One we cling to in times of sickness and trouble
You are Mighty
You are Glorious
You are Healer
You are Comforter
You are our everything
All that we need Lord is wrapped up in You
And now we ask Lord that You wrap Your mighty arms of grace around us
Hold us close right now
Never let us go Lord
Let us know that You are right here with us
Whatever is going on Lord just apply Your healing touch
Your name is the sweetest name we know
There is none other like You
Thank You Lord Jesus for hearing us
Thank You Lord Jesus for touching us
Thank You Lord Jesus for always being right beside us
Walking with us on our journey
Thank You for hearing and answering our urgent cries tonight Lord
In Your name we have come to You

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chelle, Amen, amen, amen! There is no other like the Lord
    God bless my friend