Friday, July 5, 2013


This morning I opened my Bible to Psalm 5 and read.  What a wonderful Psalm!  This Psalm written by David is actually a morning prayer.  So much of this prayer really stood out....actually jumped out....too me.  As I have mentioned how I feel that there has got to be more I have now been feeling that the real truth is....I need to be more!  I fail....we so many ways when it comes to being all that God is calling us to be.  One of the answers to this I read in Davids morning prayer....

vs 7  Because of Your unfailing love, I can enter your house;
            I will worship at your Temple with deepest awe.

Could this be one of the answers to "more"?  I least for myself....this is.  God does promise us His unfailing love.  I know it's always there and He will never take it away.  However, I also know that I can turn my back and walk away from Him and His love.  I can get to a place of complacency in my life where I don't do much to stay in constant contact with Him.  It's my choice....our choice. 

Verse 7 talks about Gods unfailing love to  Unfailing love....faithful love....Gods faithfulness to!  We can enter into His presence at any time.  He likes us to be there.  We can worship Him any time....He loves it when we do that. it the key to more

For myself I believe that worship is one of the keys.  The more we worship....the greater we feel His presence. 

until we see JESUS....face to face


  1. Hi Chelle,
    The subject of God's love was what a friend and I were talking about late into the night/morning on wednesday. We eneded up looking up passages about love. It is the only commandment Jesus gave NT believers, so I think it is very important to learn all we can about the subject of brotherly love, and loving God.
    I told my friend that just looking at all the scriptures in the Strongs Concordance there is enough there to do a good study. I told her I plan to write out each passage in my journal book. I think it is gonna help me to be more like the Christian that God wants me to be.
    You are right...God inhabits the praises of His people! Amen!
    Blessings and love, Lisa

  2. We were created to glorify God (Ephesians 2:10) - I didn't know that until my oldest son told me about 5 years ago - and that is so true - when we worship Him - praising,thanking, coming closer to Him - then "more" happens to us - and we feel fulfilled:) I wish I could be more consistent.

    Beautiful reminder this morning, friend!