Friday, July 26, 2013

The Mess Of Me

Breathing in
breathing out
Receiving love
not giving out

We go through life
without a care
We live and breathe
but is He there

Our life is fast
a mist so fine
We look about
where is the time

I thought of this
was then I saw
The mess of me
the hurt so raw

O Lord you knew
where my heart was
An empty vault
devoid of Love

Then I saw
You in the midst
Of where I lived
of what I missed

I searched and searched
but couldn't find
One moment when
my life was fine

Was then You came
and brought to me
The things that only
I could see

My whole life shown
before my eyes
I could not breathe
I could not die

It was right then
I knew I must
Make it right
where was my trust

You worked within
to help me find
Just what I needed
for my moment in time

Then You came
You filled the space
You gave to me
such amazing grace

You saved my soul
You filled my heart
With all the Love
You could impart

Life is still
yet just a mist
But O my Lord
I won't be missed

I'll cross that river
see Your face
And my new home
in Heavens gate


  1. Hi Chelle,
    lovely post. I believe the Lord loves it when we speak our feelings to Him. He is so real. God bless.

  2. Beautiful Chelle! Loved this.
    Blessings and love, Lisa