Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bring Me Back

Father God I ask You now
come and help me please somehow
Help to calm the raging war
inside of me I can't ignore
How can this happen once again
the feeling I just can't comprehend
It is so real it's hard to know
where to find the healing flow
Once again it strikes within
the battle rages on....please help me win
Can it be conquered....I thought it so
but then again it struck it's blow
How do you fight this deadly thing
that threatens life and brings much pain
I have to ask You once again
to bring me back....oh please step in
Only You can calm the raging war
and walk me back through Your open door
Into Your presence of healing rain
that calms and soothes and helps me gain
A quiet mind and steadfast heart
a peaceful soul....only You can impart


  1. Amen Chelle,
    the last six sentences are absolute truth.

  2. Yes hon, the battle that goes on. Covering you in prayer and love.

  3. It is a struggle common to the children of God....His presence is so cleansing...fulness of joy and peace for our minds, we NEED Him more than ever, and our souls long for His touch.
    The world is so dirty, and He makes us clean again and that healing rain you have written of...such truth.
    ~Blessings and love~ Lisa

  4. Chelle - It rained today - rumbling thunder - but it rained through the sunshine - and it was so beautiful - I need that Holy Spirit rain - to wash away that pain - the confusion - I love rain more than ever (and we've had a stinkin' lot of it) - because it's God reminding me that He can take care of it - He has the power! Why do I ever forget that!