Monday, September 29, 2014

Always Pray

1 Thessalonians 5:17
Never stop praying.

Love this scripture!

It reminds me good times or bad times....happy times or sad times....never stop talking to the Lord.  At times we think that surely He must not be hearing anything we say....but He is.  In the silence....His silence....we become more and more dependent on Him...we learn....we grow.  When we open up our heart to Him during these times we become stronger.

On a more personal level....

One day last week while driving to work I was trying to pray but really....I just talked....and all I could manage to say was....I need you....Lord....I just need you!  Sometimes those types of things are all we can verbalize....but that's okay.  He knows when we just need Him....we need Him to calm us down and let us know that everything....really will be....okay!  God didn't talk to me and circumstances didn't change....but I did feel more peaceful.

Good things happen when you pray....God steps into our circumstance and does what He knows is best. 

"until we see JESUS....face to face"


  1. Hi Chelle,
    Talking to God is praying and crying out to Him is something I do and often. I often spend time talking to Him, just like I would to a friend. I do have to remind myself to stop and listen to Him too, or that would just be rude of me to take over the conversation. When I stop to hear what He has to say, He always brings Scripture to my mind which is fitting for what we are talking about. He really is so cool!

    Blessings hon, thanks for sharing.

  2. I've found that sometimes even placing my hand on the bible is all I can manage...and the result is the same as when I've prayed with many words...God knows what's in our hearts.
    Love you, my dear friend~ Lisa
    P. S...You've been on my mind lately...and in my prayers (always).

  3. Thank you for this reminder. I love this verse too.

  4. I think that "just talking" qualifies as prayer too.
    After all, I would sure hate it if the only time my kids ever talked to me was when they wanted or needed something.
    It's such a big part of our relationship with God...these conversations we have with him!
    Love ya~ Lisa

  5. I would say that what you did in your car was praying, for me to pray is just that - speaking honestly to God, telling Him how we feel. Today I started to use the search engine 'Ask', and I feel that my spiritual 'search engine' with the Lord can be just that - prayer, and sometimes that can be asking for God's help.
    God bless