Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Morning Prayer

This morning Lord we surrender all to You
Draw us close to You I pray and never....ever....let us go!
You are our all in all
Jesus....Lord Jesus....
Fill us up with You this morning and throughout the day
Keep us coming back to You when we need strength
Help us to call out Your name when things get tough....
Jesus we cry out to You for Your strength....Your peace....Your protection
Send Your healing oil down to cover all of our sicknesses
Remind us to praise You Lord no matter what may come our way today
Help us to keep You in the forefront of our thoughts
Shine Your light through us so that others may see just how good You really are
We love You Lord Jesus and we thank You for all You have done
Especially for saving us and giving us Your promise of life with You
Thank You....Thank You....Thank You....for everything!
I come before You with all of this in Your name Jesus


  1. ~Amen!~
    Lovely prayer and very timely...Needed to pray these words today as well.
    Blessings and love to you, Chelle~ Lisa

  2. Amen to this prayer Chelle
    God bless you with His love and protection.

  3. Hi Chelle! I love the theme of light, so your prayer really hits a chord with me. And the healing oil too.
    I hope that you are doing well these days?

  4. Thank you for this, Chelle - for this prayer! That He may fill me up so all worthless things have no room!