Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prayer Request For Lisa

I wanted to put out a prayer request for Lisa (Never Forsaken).  She blogs at My Hearts Home. The link is  Lisa just found out she has breast cancer and will have a double mastectomy on December 26. This is a little of what she wrote to me on 12/15 after her biopsy appointment.

I am almost strangely calm and peaceful...though we know that is the Lord Jesus and His amazing grace and peace.
Throughout the whole thing I kept reciting:
The joy of the Lord is my strength...and In His presence is fullness of joy!
Even the nurse who held my hand kept saying how warm her hand felt...and that she never had warm hands like that.

Today Lisa received some good news. Here is the comment she left on her blog.

A thousand thank you's are not enough to express my heartful of gratitude to my dear friends who are praying, and sharing scripture with me!
Brenda, those scriptures are only confirmation of what the Lord has been telling me since day one of this!

I have to Praise Jesus today....My x-ray and blood work came back...everything is normal including liver function and clear chest...This is big since this cancer usually goes after the liver...and into the chest wall!
I was so worried about that because I saw my chest x-ray and thought I saw spots on it (when I had it done)...and so I called the doctor today and they checked everything for me. This has eased my mind, and I am ready to go forward again!
Jesus still has me safe in His embrace...sometimes He carries me.
Blessings & Love!
I will keep you in the comments section.
I promise I won't make this blog all about cancer...It is all about Jesus and me!

Please remember Lisa's husband Jeff, daughters and rest of the family as they walk through this together. 


  1. Lord Jesus,
    we continue to pray for our sister Lisa and thank You for stopping this intruding disease from going where it would normally have gone. All things are possible with you Lord and we ask You to continue to withdraw this cancer from Lisa's body. You are a warrior Lord whom no one and nothing can challenge and win. We give You thanks Father for Lisa's protection. Amen

  2. How wonderful it is to see Lisa's faith and trust in God and we praise God for clear scans and claim healing for her whole body. We serve a mighty God, nothing is too hard for Him.

    Praying for Lisa,

  3. ~Amen~
    & Thanks for your love and encouragement!
    And thank you Chelle for posting this.
    You are all such sweet sisters...And our Father is able to do all this and more!
    God bless~ Lisa