Sunday, November 24, 2013


Father God here we are again asking one more time for Your strength....comfort....and peace.
There are many that need healing for many different things.  Some have hurt or tired souls that need to feel your touch....others have broken spirits for You to mend....some have lost family or friends and need to feel your comfort surround them....and still others need a touch of healing in their bodies.  Father God if You could just let all of Your children know tonight how much You love them and that You are holding them right now....and You are in control of whatever circumstance they find themselves in.  Let them all feel the warmth of Your love and and know that You are holding them in Your arms as they drift off to sleep.  Begin the healing that is needed in all that cry out to You tonight. 

And Father, for all of those that we love that aren't living for You right now....speak to their hearts.  Let them know that You are the One they need to turn to.  That You are the One that can make their life worth living.  Let Your Spirit speak into their thoughts as they sleep so they wake up thinking about You.

Thank You for loving us and being with us. Thank You for giving us restful sleep tonight. We love You and ask all of this in Jesus name....Amen


  1. Although I didn't read this until this morning...I appreciate this prayer, Chelle...The Lord allowed me the best sleep ever last night and it was because someone was praying! ~Thanks, my friend~ Love you!

  2. Amen to every word of this prayer.

  3. Amen! Amen! I know so many who need this prayer said on their behalf. I'm praying for you too Chelle. Keep serving Him and relying on His strength each day!

  4. Hi Chelle! Thank you for your beautiful prayer this morning. I hope that you are one of the ones who are sleeping and waking refreshed.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving! And thank you for your blog-friendship these past six months.