Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jesus Is With Us

At times I wonder why things happen.  You know....why we have the problems we have.  This morning when I awoke into the same problem I was having when I went to sleep I thought ....why?  Why Lord won't this issue just go away....why don't You just make it stop?  After about an hour I turned on some music....hoping for something slow and worshipful....and they were singing a fast song.  The first few seconds I didn't pay much attention to the words but then...."But GOD"....then I heard it.  Did you notice those two important words I threw in?  "But GOD!"  The words of the chorus are....

Jesus is with me when the storm clouds gather
He's standing by my side when I hear the thunder roll
He holds my hand when I began to tremble
When the winds of this world are blowing strong

There you have it.  Jesus is with me....Jesus is with you....when the thunder starts rolling in our life!  Things may be going might not know if you are going to get to the other side of the problem your facing....and you don't know why God just doesn't make it stop!  I don't know either but there is one thing I do know....

JESUS is with me!  As bad as it can get at times in our life....JESUS is with us and He's got us....holding us....telling us....Don't worry, I've got you!  When satan is throwing one of your biggest fears at you JESUS is saying....I've got you....hold on to my hand....I've got don't need to be afraid....I've got in Me because whatever happens....I've got you!

Isaiah 41:10

 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
    Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
    I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

When I went to look up a scripture for this post this was not the one I had in mind....but guess what....this is the scripture GOD wanted here.  Isaiah 41:10 is the scripture of the day on my Bible app....the first one I read this morning.  Do you think GOD is speaking this morning?  I know for me He is and I believe that for some of you....He is as well.

"until we see JESUS....face to face"


  1. Hi Chelle,
    We always hate it when the storm won't stop even though we pray and ask God to stop it. What I am learning is that sometimes Father wants us in this storm because when we cry out to Him and we give up self He will work through us not necessarily in the physical but in the spiritual. When we remove our eyes off of the natural and put them on the supernatural then we realize that the physical problems around us are only mimicking what is happening in the supernatural and prayers are actually setting off mega bombs in Satan's kingdom.

    Blessings hon,

    1. Hi friend,
      I agree with you and I think He continues to let me have the physical problems so that I will rely on Him more. I think He is increasing my faith and trust in Him. Thank you for commenting. I always like and appreciate what you have to say.
      Be blessed...Chelle

  2. Hi Chelle, oh boy do I hate trials, I just want them to go away. However I do like them words, "but God!". Also, Isaiah 41:10 speaks volumes during these time.

  3. Hi Chelle, I also have been having those "BUT GOD" moments this week. He is with us through it all. And there is great joy in that. And funny enough, Isaiah 41 is my chapter for the day :)
    God bless my friend