Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good Morning Father

Good morning Father You are so good to You we come today
We bow our heads and hearts down low while we humbly pray

Please Father fill us with Your love and give us hope and peace
Walk with us throughout our day and keep us with Your grace
You are the one we reach too and You quickly take our hand
To lead us through our daily life and keep us in Your plan

Father God we love and adore You and worship You just now
Each minute of our life we give to You and make this vow
To live our life more fully and always put You first
To never walk away from You or ever quench our thirst

Father do with us what You will and help us grow each day
More loving kind and thoughtful to help others along Your way
We want to shine Your light in this dark and  hurtful world
To help others out of bondage and break the chains that just won't yield

You sent Your Son Jesus to save us and then gave us life brand new
So help us Father to pass Jesus on so that others may know Him too
Thank You for the life giving breath You breathe in us each day
Thank You for Your healing touch and blessings You send our way

We pray all this in Jesus name and humbly take our place
Out on the stage You gave us to show Your love and amazing grace

"until we see JESUS....face to face"