Saturday, September 16, 2017

True Joy

True joy...inner joy...comes from our relationship with Jesus not our circumstances in this life. Life happenings can bring us joy for a time but invariably things happen that change our feelings. But true joy...everlasting joy...springs up from within and nothing can take that from us. Not loss...pain...sickness...nothing can take it away!! True joy is more than a's a gift from God...a never ending way of life when He is the One whom bestows it...too you! 

Joy...Joy...unquenchable joy
Given us by the Lord through love
Joy...Joy...undeniable joy
When we are filled with His love
Joy...Joy...such amazing joy
Dropped down from the Lord up above
Joy...Joy...awesome joy
Falls on us as sweet rain from above

"until we see JESUS...face to face"


  1. Amen! True joy is from Christ alone!
    God bless my friend

  2. Hi Chelle, have just read this post from my phone. It is really lovely and so true. We are soon moving so have not spent a lot of time on blogs due to packing. Hopefully will be hitched up to blogging again in a couple of weeks. God bless.