Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Let The Holy Spirit Guide

Today I decided I was going to need to adjust my perception of things....or take a long nap....because my day was not going real well.  I haven't been sleeping much and then I had a 8a.m....from a customer that wouldn't believe anything I said.  She thought I surely didn't know what I was talking about and nothing I said helped....when I could get a word in edgewise!  Finally I passed her off to someone else that had more patience than I did this morning.  So when I had lunch I decided maybe I should read my Bible a bit....

None of my Bibles are just regular Bibles.  They all have study notes of some kind in them.  This one has different notes and prayers and what I will call....little tidbits of wisdom and encouragement.  I opened it up....flipped through....and stopped on the last page of Galatians.  There in the margin it said....

Because God is called Holy Spirit I will let Him guide my life and attitudes.  

Galatians 6:16 NLT
May God's peace and mercy be upon all who live by this principle;
they are the new people of God.

Then I read the verse above it....

Galatians 6:15b
What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.

There it is.  We need to let God transform us into who we need to be.  We can't do it on our own.  We can't be the person we need to be....the person that others can see Jesus in without first letting Him change us....our life and our attitudes....our old nature. 

After reading the 6th chapter I turned back a page and started reading at....

Galatians 5:16 NLT

So I say, let the Holy Spirit guide your lives.
Then you won't be doing what your sinful nature craves.

That's the secret....let the Holy Spirit guide us.  We need a guide to be able to live a holy life in this world.  He helps us along the right path in life if we let Him.

When I read all of this today it made sense to me and I immediately thought I needed to share it.  I hope that somehow what I wrote makes sense to those who are reading this now.  

"until we see JESUS....face to face"


  1. That's so neat...Today as I was mopping my floor and thinking about a blog that I just started to enjoy, but recently found out that she is a self-professed athiest...I kept asking God what I should do. The woman has stage 4 Br, cancer,..I thought about how I did not want to start up a friendship with her when she has denied Christ, and then when she dies...I would have no hope to ever meet her in heaven...And THAT VERSE ...You are a New Creature in Christ came to my mind. I then realized that apart from bringing unbelievers the gospel message..We are not the same as them, not even close...We are different from what we used to be, and God clearly does not want us to forge relationships with people who have denied Him. We are not even to be unevenly yoked to them in any way.
    I believe that everytime we ask God something and then a scripture comes to mind...and then confirmed by another...It is the Holy Spirit leading us.
    Blessings and love to you~ Lisa.

  2. Amen, that is what 'working out our own salvation' means
    God bless