Saturday, December 5, 2015


Oh Lord
We want more of You
We long for more of You
We need more of You
Fill us with your presence Lord
Fill us to the top
Overflowing with You
Overflowing with Your grace
Overflowing with Your mercy
Overflowing with Your love

Oh Lord
You are all that really matters in this life
You are all that we can really cling too
You are all that fills us with the sustenance we need to live
You are that sustenance
The nourishment for our soul
You are that food
You are that air
You Lord
Our everything

Oh Lord

Without You
We are nothing

Yet with You Lord
We have all that we need
We are filled to overflowing
We are full
Content with You
Content in You

Oh Lord
Though the storms swirl
In You
We know peace
We know strength
We know joy
Your love abounds in us
Through us
You Lord

Our everything

Thank You Lord
We love You

"until we see JESUS...face to face"

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